Clergy History

1864 — 1866 The Rev John Mills Kendrick (Rector) The Diocese of Ohio Convention Journal of 1964 says he was ordained a deacon May 31 1864 and was soon after sent to South Bass island. Initially he held services in the school. The church building was completed in October 1865. He went on to other parishes and later became the Bishop of the Arizona Territory. By 1885 The Rev Kendrick had earned a doctorate.

1866 — 1868 The Reverend J. (John) W.C. Duerr, was born and educated in Germany before coming to the US. On June 6th 1864, immediately after his ordination, he left for for the Mission at Cape Palmas, West Africa. He went to St. Mark’s Church, Harper, Cape Palmas, (Liberia) with his wife and two children. On the ship he led worship each Sunday for those aboard. In April the Rev. Mr. Duerr and wife, both in ill condition, withdrew from the Mission. On December 1st 1866, after his return to the United States, he came to Put-In-Bay. The June 1868 Ohio Diocesan Journal reports his resignation from St Paul’s and acceptance of rectorship of the new Christ Church (German) in Cleveland (Shaker Heights) where he remained for the next 20+ years.

1867 Mr. Disney, a Methodist minister. held services in the church and made an unsuccessful attempt to establish a Methodist church at Put-In-Bay.

April 1868 The Rev Salmon Regio (S.R.) Weldon (Rector) arrived at St.Paul’s from Grace Episcopal Church, Freeport Il where he served 1860-1866. Grace was previously known as as at Zion Church Freeport. Weldon was ordained Deacon 1859 and priest in 1860.

1869 Mr. Weldon was deposed by the Bishop of Ohio on June 24th 1869 based on his refusal to conform to the Canon of the Episcopal Church in areas of liturgy.

1869 — 1875 St. Paul’s was not associated with the Episcopal Church, or any other denomination but they continued to use the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. They called themselves a congregational church for several years.

1869 — 1872 Mr. S.R. Weldon continued as the congregational minister of St. Paul’s.

1872 Mr. S. R. Weldon left his pastorate at the Put-In-Bay Congregational Church.

1872 — 1874 The Rev George Bosley served as missionary at large at St Paul’s.

Dec 3, 1873 the “Reformed Episcopal Church” was established.

1875 — September 1877 The Rev William Bower arrived Easter (March 28th) 1875 as “resident minister.”

March 29th 1875 St. Paul’s affiliated with The Reformed Episcopal Church

1881 — 1882 The Rev Williams served as St Paul’s minister.
1882 — 1883 The Rev Heinrich served as St Paul’s minister.
1883 — 1888 The Rev George Howell served as St Paul’s minister.
1889 — 1894 The Rev E.R. Horton served as St Paul’s minister.
1895 — 1896 The Rev Wm C. Shepherd served as St Paul’s minister.
1897 — 1899 The Rev W. Fred Allen served as St Paul’s minister.
1900 — 1906 The Rev Charles H. Tucker served as St Paul’s minister.
1907– Sept 10th 1912 The Rev J. W. Field Speel served as St Paul’s minister.

1912 September 11th The parish begins the process of petitioning to return to the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Ohio. A petition with 69 signatures requesting acceptance by the Episcopal Church was mailed to Bishop Leonard Sept 28th 1912.

Nov 28th 1912 The Rev James McMurdo (J. M.) Forbes was appointed rector and remained until 1920.

1920 — 1921 The Rev Dominick A. Cassetta, (from Italy) Rector (see 1936)
1922 — 1924 The Rev Hugo J.P. Selinger (from Germany) Rector
1924 – Temporary return (from Ravenna) of The Rev J. M. Forbes
1927 — 1934 The Rev Angus E. Clephan (from England)
1935 — 1936 Rector of Port Clinton provides clergy support (Rev G.R. Hargate)
1936 — Sept 1950 The Rev Dominick A Casscetta (see 1920)
1950 — 1954 The Rev Allen Perkins Roe
1955 — 1962 The Rev Lee Charles Lindenberger Minister-in-charge
1963 — 1969 The Rev William Edward Ferguson
1970 — 1978 The Rev George Skelton Johnton (from Canada)
1979 — 1981 The Rev Isaac Franklin Mason Priest-in-charge
1981 — 1987 The Rev Neilson Rudd, Rector
1987 — 1988 The Rev. W. Howard Graham, Interim Rector
1988 — 1993 The Rev Donald Lewis Hays, Rector
1994 — 1997 The Rev Nancy Elizabeth Betz Rector
1998 — 2006 The Rev G(eorge) Allen LaMontagne Rector
2007 — 2010 The Rev M. Webster Maughan – part time Interim Rector (from Sandusky)
2010 — 2022 The Rev Mary L. Staley, part time Priest-in-Charge

2022 — Present The Rev. Bob Solon, part time Priest in Charge