The Rev. John W.C. Duerr

1866 -1868 The Reverend J.(John) W.C Duerr, was born and educated in Germany before coming to the US.

In the June 1865 Convention Journal of the Diocese of Ohio recorded John Duerr was preparing to for ordination in 1864.

On June 6th 1864, immediately after his ordination, he left for for the Mission at Cape Palmas, West Africa. He went to St. Mark’s Church, Harper, Cape Palmas, (Liberia) with his wife and two children. On the ship he led worship each Sunday for those aboard. In April the Rev. Mr. Duerr and wife, both in ill condition, withdrew from the Mission.

On December 1st 1866, after his return to the United States, he came to Put-In-Bay.

June 2nd 1867 Jay Cooke records the Rev J. W. Duerr’s sermon was titled “What must I do to be Saved,” from Acts 16:30. Mr Cooke thought he “was faithful in his application of it.” (Journal p 156)

June 9 1867 Mr Duerr was absent from St Paul’s, attending the Diocesan Convention.

June 16, 1867 Jay Cooke attended St. Paul’s where he heard Rev Duerr preach. Jay Cooke said he “preached admirably & more so because his sermon was only 23 minutes in length.” He was preaching on Belshazzar’s feast and the handwriting on the wall. Jay Cooke went on to say short sermons “are a hundred times more profitable than the old fashioned lectures during which one could take a nap & wake up at “thirdly” and again at ninthly — !” Evidently Jay Cooke thought sermons should reflect the “modern” times and best be condensed.

June 23rd 1867 — Mr Jay Cooke attended St Paul’s. He described Rev Duerr’s sermon as “a short and practical sermon — all about the Queen of Sheba visit to Solomon & Christ’s reference to her. He said, “Mr Duerr has a good mind & is very safe & sure in his teachings.”

Jay Cooke says Mr Tyler’s Sabbath School had 70 students. Mt Cooke encouraged them to have separate classes for boys and girls and for the infants. He encouraged them to double in size before his fall visit.

Aug 17th 1867 – Services at St Paul’s were interrupted by the noise of cannons fired for noise as 5 steamers of merrymakers arrived.

Wednesday October 9th the children and teachers of St Paul’s were invited to Gibraltar island for a party hosted by Mr Cooke. He offered them ice cream, cake, candy as well as books and small tokens. The children sang. Mr Duerr was present and offered the prayers.

Mr Duerr left Put-in-Bay shortly after the Cooke’s fall visit.

The June 1868 Ohio Diocesan Journal reported his resignation from St Paul’s and acceptance of rectorship of the new Christ Church (German) in Cleveland (Shaker Heights) where he remained for the next 20+ years.