History Post 1912

1915, Jun – The Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial opened to the public. St Paul’s clergy joined others in a service of internment, placing remains of sailors within the memorial.

1933 — 1970’ A summer camp on South Bass Island for Episcopal and Anglican choristers was named Wa-Li-Ro after Ohio Episcopal Bishop Walter Lincoln Rodgers, Thousands of boys participated in the camp that honed their skills as choristers. Their choir practice took place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Mrs. Sophia Gebeau, (Mrs. G,) was the cook and housekeeper for Wa-Li-Ro for over 25 years. Her name appears in St Paul’s membership records.

1959 – current rectory called “The Hartman House” was started, using lots of volunteer labor from the congregation. Parishioners spent almost 3 years removing the older 1865 home and putting up the modular house. The rectory was built thanks to a large contribution by Marylib Hartman.

196x – Front steps of the church were removed and replaced.

1976 – The parish purchased and began using the “new” 1979 Book of Common Prayer (the version still in use today). The 1976 proposed draft they used is identical to the 1979 book we use now.

197x – Another cycle of steeple repairs were completed.

1982 – An office was added next to the rectory garage.

1990s-Front steps of the church were removed and replaced, along with the railings.

1994 – A lift was added to the church making it accessible to all.

2011 – Steeple repairs and renovation completed.

2011 – Labyrinth placed on front lawn. It was dedicated on October 23, 2011.

2018 – An anonymous donor funded a renovation of the parish kitchen.

St. Paul’s continues to be blessed by the people who have financially supported St. Paul’s over the past 153 years since the congregation was established in 1864.  People like the kitchen donor, Marylib Vroman Hartman, Hilda Lyman, Alice Rhea, Mary Miller, Lolita Sanders, the Labyrinth Donor,  Jay Cooke, and Laura Cooke Barney left significant gifts over the years which have sustained the facilities in many ways. 

The community has supported designated fund raisers including “Planting For Tomorrow”   2014-2019, “The “Lift Us Up campaign (1989),”  Steeple Chase,(1986)”  “Raise the Roof (1996),” and “The Labyrinth plantings and Sacred Space (2011)”.